We have been holding this program for more than 5 years. Our students come from many countries, such as : Russia, Laos, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Tunis, USA, Japan, Hungaria, China, Korea, UEA, Thailand, Egypt, and Poland.

In this program, the students will not only learn 4 language skills, but also Indonesian cultures. They will learn local culture by practicing traditional music instrument, namely Gamelan, and traditional dance.

Moreover, the students will be joined in outing class. For example, visiting tourist resorts like Borobudur Temple, Ratu Boko Temple, Museum Keris, Kampoeng Batik, The Ramayana Ballet, Sangiran Museum of Ancient Man, and so on.

For additional information, we have been cooperating with Indonesian Government for more than 5 years in handling program of DRI (Darmasiswa Republik Indonesia) and KNB (Kemitraan Negara Berkembang). The cooperation, particularly KNB program, gives the students the opportunity to continue their study to Post Graduate in UMS, after they join our language program for a year.

These are the students who have graduated from UMS.

NoNamaAsal NegaraProgram Studi S2
1Siri TayehThailandMagister Psikologi
2Hend HasanMesirMagister Bahasa Indonesia
3Timur MukhamadievUzbekistanMagister Bahasa Inggris
4Nanyunja Shukkie NakatoUgandaMagister Management
5Anat MaisuThailandMagister Pendidikan Agama Islam
6Stanley ChiembaZimbabweMagister Psikologi
7Bwanika NajibUgandaMagister Akuntansi
8Hassan Khamis HassanTanzaniaMagister Mesin
9Phetxomphou PongpayaLaosMagister Bahasa Inggris
10Eltom Ishaq Osman MusaSudanMagsiter Pendidikan Agama Islam